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Barn Burner

by Anders Larson • August 07, 2023

Walpole, MA 7/29/23

Well that was one of the most hellish races I think I've done in a long time. I was looking forward to this race because my fitness was coming along pretty well and I was boosted by my 4th place at the Carrabassett Challenge. The photo is of me before the race, feeling all confident. I’m not sure what happened, but I did not respond well to the heat. Mid 80s and wicked humid. I had all my pre-race rituals dialed and all should have gone well. I was well hydrated, I had fuel in the tank, and my electrolyte program was all planned out. Unfortunately, the race was one big biomechanical.

The course was pretty fun, though quite repetitive. Lots of rocks and roots with short climbs. I prefer longer climbs where I can develop a rhythm. I started out ok, though after about 5 minutes it was clear that my body just wasn’t up to what I was asking it to do. People were passing me left and right, and every time I put in any strong effort my heart rate would soar into unchartered territory. The last lap was medieval, trying to move forward while struggling to drink because I had to throw up so bad. Love mountain bike racing! The Barn Burner race is in the bag, I placed 14th of 21 starters. All my gear worked great. My Kona Hei Hei CR continues to impress me with great handling and just enough cush. Big thanks to for their continued support.

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