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Enduro Race Series Week #2

by Andy Trueworthy • July 27, 2023

Date: July 6, 2023
Men’s 30-39
Mt. Abram Bike Park | Greenwood, ME

Race Day

The sun was out and the temperatures moderate. I was fortunate to be on vacation from work this week and spent the afternoon taking lift access laps through the Bike Park leading up to the 4:00 race time. While some areas of the park were starting to dry from the weeks of rainfall, others remained muddy mires, undoubtedly an upcoming challenge for the maintenance crews.

Stage 1 today was Super Chicken. A green-level trail features dozens of low-angle berms, surface loose-over-hardpack. Despite being the least-technical of the day’s offering I managed to crash twice; once in practice and once during my race run. Neither incident was violent more like a couple of wipe outs, however as I write this report a week after the fact my right and left shoulders remain sore from the impacts. Par for the course in my opinion! After crashing on the race run I had to straighten my bars and stem before continuing, settling for an approximate 15 degree skewedness to the left. Good enough!

Stage 2 was Pinball Wizard to Rock Bottom as the week before. Although some new ruts had formed there were no big surprises here. Stage felt good, fairly clean with no notable hiccups or mistakes. Fast and fun as always! Thank You BIKEMAN.COM for your support! Great result of 2nd place in the Men’s 30-39 category and 7th place overall of 43 riders.

Stage 1:
Stage 2:

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