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Name That TOOL #7

by Bikeman • July 28, 2023

This was as much fun as the Attic What IZIT used to be back in the early days of the internet. Being an ol' fashioned bike shop since the 70's, we've seen a lot of technology and "standards" come and go. As a result we have a lot of mostly outdated tools around the shop. For this contest we'd dig out an old tool and put it out to our visitors to identify. Much like we are posting reruns of the What IZIT we'll try to dust off one of these gems every week or so for a walk down memory lane.

Originally Published early in this century

Time to name that TOOL. A tool that almost never makes it out of the bottom drawer. Bikeman has one but can't remember the last time he used it. We are looking for the tool Manufacturer as well as functionality. Creativity always breaks a tie and a story of personal experience with the tool could win you the prize.

Another tool junkie takes the prize. An obscure tool that most will never use. This edition provided a few good answers but in the end a clear cut winner emerged from the pack.

WINNER - Jake Morton

"That's a Campagnolo Dust Cap Puller for Record front hubs. You use it to pull the dust cap that protects the bearings when you need to overhaul the hub. Lets you clean out the old grease and repack without performing finger-gymnastics. I never actually used one either. It collected more dust than anything else in the tool chest."

RUNNER UP - David Finlayson

"The Tool is made by Campagnolo. It is a Hub Cap Remover. It is used on Campagnolo Record (C-Record) Front Hubs manufactured from 1984 - 1994."

RUNNER UP - Thomas Hoeffel

"It's a dustcap remover for Campy C-Record...or a cork puller. either is a good guess, but one of em is right"


"Campy hub dust-cover puller"

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