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Gnar Weasels

by Paul Simoes • July 26, 2022

Gnar Weasels
Brownsville, VT
July 9, 2022

Gnar Weasels

First race of the year, a bit late but always been one of my favorites so glad to see Gnar
Weasels back on the race schedule. Not expecting much, feeling a bit soft and maybe not at my
best and then the age group is 45-54.  I’m 54 and I know I’m not riding in the same way as a
45 year old but looking forward to getting my feet wet for the season and always a fun venue.

Some 20 or so pre registered, and NO cheating on this hilly course.  Fitness would likely win the
day. Up the hill we go! Ended up somewhere in the middle on the first and longest climb. The
downhill was super fun but next to impossible to pass with the super tight downhill. About half
way of the 6 mile lap was a double track climb that was perfect for some passing and
reorganizing.  After the first of three times up that hill things really opened up which made the
riding much more enjoyable especially on the downhills.

After three laps of fun I ended up finishing 9th.  Felt I could of been a bit better with my fitness
but not much better other than 2 or 3 minutes which would only bump me up only a couple
spots. No way in hell could have made the top 5 at the top of the age group. But fun day at one
of my favorite places to ride. Ascutney has some greatest trails anywhere in New England and a
big network of trails. If you can, you should come ride these trails.

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