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Kalon Cross, Lancaster, MA

by Matthew Hersey • September 06, 2018

Cross season has begun! And there are some changes to the race calendar. There are a couple of new races, Kalon Cross, and a race in Nashua, NH called Gateway Hills CX. Sadly, it looks like the Sucker Brook and White Park races in NH aren't happening this year.

This race report is about Kalon Cross. The location was interesting, because it was directly across the road from the Lancaster Fairgrounds, where they have the popular Midnight Ride of CX and the Minuteman CX races. Kalon CX was organized and promoted by the same people. Kalon Farm has a small store where they sell their grass-fed beef, local wine, and vegetables.

This was a really flowy course and a well run race for a first year event. It was set on a wide open, grassy slope that contained some challenging corners, a long downhill, and even some mud - despite the hot, dusty conditions. The course reminded me of the old Catamount races in Vermont. There were no barriers, but one muddy uphill, that very few people rode.

There were some changes to race categories too. Normally, I do a masters 35+, but that was not available here. The only masters race was for 50+. Instead they had a Category 2/3/4 race, which worked out fine. I finished in 31st place - let's blame it on the heat. I gotta get more aggressive and get out of the saddle more.

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