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Kona Summer Mountain Bike Series #3

by William Turner • July 22, 2020

Oops, oh no!!! I left the bike computer at home.

Mt. Washington Great Glen Trails Kona Summer Mountain Bike Series Week #3 Race.

By William Turner #46

Well I wondered what I might say that would be different about this race than the 1st week and as I unloaded my bike from the Honda Element, I realized that the MSW computer that I so much enjoy, was still on the charger at home.

However, I still had a blast racing against the clock!! much better than no racing.

The backdrop for this race series is the Great Glen Outdoor Trails Cross Country Center.

I warmed up for a few miles then tackled the short course. My strategy became simple focus on rhythmic purposeful breathing like I was on the last leg of an assent on a 14,000 footer, only instead of Breath Step Step, is was breath, breath, and more breath, breath spin, spin. No heart rate to watch or cadence to view, very different experience than most of my races over the years. Legs will ache, arms will ache, breath, breath, no folks to try to catch, no computer to watch, listen to your body and push those 70 yr old joints and muscles.

The weather was spectacular, 80 and mostly sunny, with some dark clouds boiling over Mount Washington. Very glad I dug out my mostly white team jersey for the race. Lots of kids of all ages, and their parents, many racing together. Brought back great memories of times with Kate and Kirk and Lily heading to races together.

So, I finished the short course, cooled down, had a drink of Hammer Recovery and a Hammer Goo Packet, and then lined up for the long course. Same breath, breath, mantra, more leg pain this time, the tight corners on the climb still remain a challenge, but no cramps thanks to Hammer Electrolyte capsules. The Racing Ray front tires really worked well on the gravel corners at high speeds, and the Racing Ralphs grab great on the uphills. Oh, how did I do, well looks like I cut a minute off my times in both the short and long course. Very Interesting.

Lily and I ate at McDonalds in Gorham, the salty fries hit the spot and the ice coffee kept me awake enough to get home safely in 90 minutes.

Looking forward to next week, Oh, and I won a prize on the weekly raffle prize drawing.

Hope to see your there, we could use some more adults.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Riding!!!!!!!!!

Bill Turner

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