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Night Weasels Cometh 2018

by John Sumner • October 04, 2018

The Night Weasels Cometh at Ski Ward Ski Area was a mud fest. The CX course looked worse than the 2018 WC race in the Netherlands!

This course winds up the ski hill with many switchbacks and hairpin turns, one very steep run-up, a single barrier and a stair section, a lively beer garden, and a long straight that is grass/gravel. We raced under the lights of the ski trails!

Crossresults say I am not a good rider in the mud, however, I found myself having a great race. I was looking for redemption after a not so great weekend of racing. I started on row 11 of 13 and shortly after the start was passing guys who started on row four. I think my advantage was my Carver C50's paired with Schwalbe X-one's! They rolled so well and had such great traction I was able to ride where most were running the climb and switchbacks which had 3-6" mud. Riding the switchbacks down the X-One's had such amazing traction! Countless riders wound up in the tape or slid out. I ran very low tire pressure and this also helped. I have no idea how I did yet, but there were many who were behind me, even some who I thought would blow me away!

The CarverC50 wheels paired with the Schwalbe X-One tubeless clinchers offer traction on grass, dirt, mud, deep mud, gravel, and pavement. I strongly suggest making this investment, you will be glad you did!

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