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The Alma GP of Cyclocross 2019

by Michael Green • October 04, 2019

Cross has come.

Well, it's here. The cyclocross season this year started a little sooner than I was ready for but I need the USAC points so I took the early plunge.

Coming off of Leadville I was feeling a little flat, I'd taken a little time off and certainly hadn't done any intervals, yet Michigan's best run event The Alma GP of Cyclocross is the season starter. I entered the Open Masters and Singlespeed events - back-to-back.

The first event was the Masters event, with a long starting stretch I had a great start and found myself fifth wheel. Mid-lap a tangle of three riders ahead of me meant I was now in second with a gap to the rider ahead and everyone else on my wheel. I sat there holding a similar pace the rider up ahead but as we went through the finish/start stretch others sprinted around me to which I had no snap to join them. And that was my race - slowly drifting back through the group and ending a disappointing mid-pack.

Within twenty minutes or so I was in the start line again for the singlespeed event. Again, a decent start and roughly holding my place for the remainder of the race finishing eighth. But no podium for the weekend.

The day was generally uneventful. My dismount/remounts were sloppy; my cornering was average; and as mentioned, I just had no snap. Interesting my lap times were very consistent between all of the laps and the two races. Fitness is there, but some work to do. Onto some MTB this fall.

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