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2019 Races

by Benjamin Ho • July 04, 2019

Scarborough Criterium Series

This criterium series is a great way to get into competitive shape. Having done this for many years before, it gets you in the habit of racing after a long slumber on the indoor trainer. After cutting my racing season short last year, I was optimistic to performing better this year.

I took part in seven races this year in the CAT �� and Masters 45+ categories. Some days were harder than others as I doubled-up the first two race days with two races. Each race was furiously fast and the cold weather didn't do me any favors. I wasn't able to break the top 50% in the field. Still, I was quite happy with my training progress and knew there were more races to be had this year.

May 4 - Myles Standish Road Race

I was fully prepared for my first major road race this year at Myles Standish Forest in Plymouth, MA, having trained long hours through autumn and winter. I was looking for a good showing with a few Scarborough Criterium races under my belt. Conditioning was spot on.

Feeling good, I was at the front for a good part of the first lap to warm up. I got a good running riding with the main group and rested enough for another run. The wasn't to be, during the third lap. With the undulating course, riders bunched before a peak, unnecessarily and we slowed for a split second. A touch of wheels and with no time to react, I slammed onto my right side hip and my shoulder, sliding a good 30 feet on the asphalt, watching the bike slide to the other side of the road and my sunglasses fly in the air.

The outcome, pelvis and sacrum fractures, AC separation and a shoulder fracture and a ride in an ambulance. And yes, the fractures were painful.

This was almost two months ago. Two weeks in the hospital and the rest in rehab to get back to being a capable human being. I'm back on the bike now and continuing my training, hoping to salvage what's left of the cycling season. I'll see you on the road.

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