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Bruce Schwab, Woolwich, ME

by Bikeman • January 01, 2020

Bruce Schwab

2023 RACING AGE: 63


WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: The rebuilt Woolwich Grange Hall, now home to OceanPlanet Energy.  Except when I'm out in Anacortes, WA working on Project Improbable.

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): Cat 3 Cyclocross & Road, Cat 2 (sport) MTB. Formerly a Cat 2 roadie, back in the early-mid 90's...

# OF YEARS RACING: Can't remember anymore. 30-something years.

# OF BIKES OWNED: Hmm...have to add them up:

1) CX race bike: Scott Addict CX, rim brakes but really light
2) CX pit & gravel: Cannondale CAADX CX, disc but heavier.
3) Road bike: Scott Foil; older model with rim brakes
4) Fatbike: Modified Surly Wednesday; now a 1x with a lightweight carbon fork from Bikeman
5) MTB: Highly modified 2010 Trek Fuel EX 9.9...very light, but it's a 26'er. Go ahead and laugh, but I fit in a 3" front tire and 2.8 rear and it's not bad
6) Tandem: Just built up; Custom Cannondale MT1000, with 27.5 rear and 700c gravel setup on front. <36lbs, with custom rear disk brake setup
7 & 8) West coast bikes: Kona Jake the Snake CX, and Giant Fathom 29'er hardtail. Both are cheap versions, but they work.
Some other projects, but those are the real bikes. So, 8x

FAVORITE BIKE: Hard to say. Usually whichever one I'm riding at the time.

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: Too many to remember...but Mt. Diablo in NorCal is a good one.

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Sailing (first American to officially finish the Vendee Globe: non-stop solo around the world sailing race); Guitar playing (some old tunes up on YouTube), and yacht restoration (see, and Project Improbable Videos).

PERSONAL NOTES & QUOTES: Always biting off more than I can chew.  Best advice to offer, don't make relationship decisions after 110 days at sea.

Twitter: @OceanPlanet

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